Custom, Secure, and Cost-Effective Enterprise Clouds

BriteSky provides the most flexible, cost-effective, and secure enterprise cloud services and solutions for Canadian businesses. Unlike generic, preconfigured offerings, BriteSky enterprise-grade cloud services and solutions are purpose-built for medium and large enterprises. They are engineered to enable the creation of customized, highly secure virtual data vaults that fit the unique needs of each business.

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Engineered for Flexibility and Control

BriteSky enterprise clouds and managed cloud services are built on BriteSky’s unique, modular Portable On-Demand Data Center (PODD) cloud architecture. This highly engineered architecture enables a build-as-you-grow cloud provisioning process that puts you in complete control of your data and your cloud environment at all times.

With BriteSky’s PODD, you get complete control over the storage, management, and sharing of large volumes of active, passive, and unstructured data. This makes it easier to leverage the full value of your data to improve business processes, increase competitiveness, or meet regulatory compliance.

A Proven Cloud Environment

The BriteSky PODD architecture offers a unique enterprise cloud environment using best-of-breed technology from multiple vendors. This trusted enterprise cloud solution is used by medium and large enterprises, governments, and banking institutions across Canada.

Structured to Maintain Data Sovereignty

The BriteSky enterprise cloud solution and complete portfolio of managed cloud services are structured to provide enterprises in Canada with complete data sovereignty. All data remains on Canadian soil. And to ensure data sovereignty, BriteSky enterprise cloud solutions are enabled by Canadian PODDs located in Ottawa and Calgary.

With BriteSky, your data remains yours — fully secured from data mining — you always retain all rights and controls.

Built on Decades of Experience and Expertise

All BriteSky enterprise clouds are delivered by a team of highly skilled and dedicated engineers. Our team’s expertise designing, building, and delivering custom enterprise clouds is built on decades of experience in the enterprise IT domain.

As a result of our experience in the enterprise space, we understand the challenges associated with managing an enterprise IT infrastructure — not just from a cost and complexity perspective, but also from a compliance perspective. This understanding led to the development of the unique BriteSky PODD architecture, and it enable us to work with you to create the optimal cloud environment that will support the vision and strategic direction of your business.

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