Create a Unique Cloud to Fit Your Business

BriteSky’s custom-configured enterprise cloud solutions are purpose-built for medium and large enterprises.

Unlike generic, preconfigured offerings that are adapted for businesses based on monthly storage and computing needs, BriteSky enterprise clouds are customized, highly secure virtual data vaults that are created to fit the unique needs of your business.

Customize Your Cloud Environment

BriteSky provides the highest level of flexibility to configure custom public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Complete customization is enabled by our modular Portable On-Demand Data Center (PODD) cloud architecture. This architecture is built on five functional layers that are optimized for enterprise cloud applications:

  • Virtual storage
  • Virtual networking
  • Compute
  • Virtualization (virtual data center)
  • Security (virtual firewall)

The highly engineered PODD architecture allows you to choose the features and functions you need to create a custom virtual data vault. Once configured, the PODD provides a secure cloud environment that functions like a private cloud and reduces the risk of security breaches.

Build as You Grow

The BriteSky PODD architecture provides the ultimate level of flexibility and scalability to manage the ever-increasing volume of business data.

With the BriteSky PODD, you get virtually unlimited room to grow and expand your virtual data vault as your needs change. A single PODD provides 30,000 virtual machines of capacity, and more PODDs can be added in the data center to enhance your custom cloud environment. With enhanced option layers, you can also customize your virtual data vault by adding extra security, encryption, access rules, and applications, as needed.

Increase Profitability

A BriteSky enterprise cloud provides your business with complete control over the storage, management, and sharing of large volumes of active, passive, and unstructured data. With complete control, you can leverage the full value of your data to improve your bottom line.

Reduce IT Costs

Reduce IT Costs

A BriteSky enterprise cloud solution reduces:

  • Capital expenditures associated with developing and building a data center
  • Operating expenditures associated with managing a data center, including heating, cooling, and electrical
  • Technical training costs for IT staff
  • Support maintenance costs

Enhance Business Processes

Enhance Business Processes

With a BriteSky enterprise cloud solution, your IT infrastructure is no longer a bottleneck for missed market opportunities. The modular BriteSky PODD architecture makes your IT infinitely more flexible to adapt to emerging markets and enable IT services to scale up and down in real time, as needed. This flexibility improves your ability to roll out new products and services to fit specific marketing and sales requirements.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

A custom BriteSky enterprise cloud enables IT services to be provisioned quickly and easily. From storage to file sharing, a BriteSky enterprise cloud makes it easy to ramp up more services when needed for people to access and get what they want when they want it. This decreases the potential for rogue IT issues created by employees using public cloud services or creating independent internal servers. It also significantly reduces the hours the IT team will spend tracking, managing, and auditing the virtual vault.

Manage Ongoing Costs With Predictable Pricing

Manage Ongoing Costs With Predictable Pricing

BriteSky enterprise cloud solutions are built on a clear and predictable pricing model based on PODD features and functions. This approach eliminates the uncertainty associated with generic, one-size-fits-all cloud solutions that are priced based on complex and unpredictable pricing strategies tied to monthly storage and computing space usage.

Trust a Completely Secure Cloud

Enterprise clouds built with the BriteSky PODD leverage the most advanced cloud networking hardware and software, as well as the highest security standards and protocols available for cloud-based networking and computing. They are built with the same level of cloud-based security used by banks, governments, and major credit card companies around the world to create private cloud infrastructures.

The BriteSky PODD also complies with SOC 2 requirements for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy for technology and cloud computing.

Maintain Data Sovereignty

A BriteSky enterprise cloud solution is structured to provide enterprises in Canada with complete data sovereignty. All data remains on Canadian soil. And to ensure data sovereignty, BriteSky enterprise cloud solutions are enabled by Canadian PODDs located in Ottawa and Calgary.

Additionally, your data remains yours — fully secured from data mining — you always retain all rights and controls.

Bring the Cloud Down to Earth

Get all the benefits of a BriteSky cloud in a secure, customized, on-premises solution

BriteSky Aurora makes it easy to leverage all the benefits of enterprise cloud computing and maintain more direct control over all your data.

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A BriteSky enterprise cloud solution bridges the gap between your current IT infrastructure and a secure virtual data vault. With BriteSky, you can move to a custom public, private, or hybrid cloud environment that fits your immediate needs and can scale quickly and efficiently to meet any requirement.

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