Share Data With Complete Confidence

Upgrade to Full-Featured File Sharing

Leverage the full power of all of your data to keep your business one step ahead of the market.

With BriteSky Share, your teams can confidently share information with each other, customers, partners, and suppliers — from the office, or on the road. All file-sharing activities are protected with the highest security standards and protocols available for cloud-based networking and computing.

Reduce Business Risks and IT Costs

BriteSky Share puts secure and reliable file sharing at your employees’ fingertips.

You no longer need to worry about employees using random public cloud services or insecure sharing mechanisms. And your IT team spends far less time tracking, managing, and auditing rogue IT issues and file-sharing processes.

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Increase Productivity

Empower your teams to quickly and easily share information and collaborate.

BriteSky Share supports multiple versions of the same file and deleted files can be restored within a pre-set period of time.

Combine the best of public and private file sharing

BriteSky Share provides the flexibility and ease of use that public file-sharing services offer within a secure enterprise IT infrastructure.

The sharing service is easy to deploy, use, manage, monitor, and audit, and can be fully customized to suit your unique business goals and processes.

Put Your File-Sharing Worries to Rest

Learn more about BriteSky Share and how it lets your teams share data with complete confidence.

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