Protect Connections to Critical Systems

Minimize Your Attack Surface

Reduce the risk that administrative IT accounts can be targeted to compromise critical systems.

BriteSky Broker provides a single, secure gateway that protects, controls, and monitors access to your critical systems.

Simplify Secure Access

With BriteSky Broker, IT administrators no longer use separate credentials to directly authenticate with individual systems. Instead, they simply log in to BriteSky Broker to securely access the systems for which they have privileges.

BriteSky Broker is provided as a fully customizable managed service, so it’s ideal for enterprises of all sizes and with any level of security maturity and internal expertise.

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Strengthen Your Zero Trust Security Model

Monitor and manage secure connections across your organization to improve accountability and compliance. With BriteSky Broker, you can:

  • Enforce a consistent set of secure access policies.
  • Record video of all secure access activities through BriteSky Broker.
  • Increase password complexity.
  • Automatically rotate passwords to connected systems with no visibility to staff.

Safeguard Against Shadow IT

When you only allow system access through BriteSky Broker, it’s almost impossible for staff to use local accounts, alternate access methods, or unsanctioned applications to connect to critical systems.

You can disable the single sign-on account for any IT administrator with the click of a button when needed.

Close Doorways to Intruders

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