Increase Visibility Into the Threat Landscape

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Put Network Intelligence to Work for Your Business

Align your cybersecurity strategies, tactics, and technologies with the latest threats and risks.

BriteSky Indicate aggregates threat data from a wide variety of sources and converts it to intelligence you can act on.

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Get a Consolidated View of the Risks You Face

With BriteSky Indicate, you have high-fidelity data that provides a more current database of indicators than you could possibly develop on your own.

BriteSky Indicate gathers information from internal and external sources, including:

  • Data from internal security cases
  • Public threat intelligence feeds
  • Technology blogs and research reports
  • Security alerts and advisories

Customize Your View of the Threat Landscape

With BriteSky Indicate, you have complete flexibility to choose and change the feeds that it subscribes to at any time. You can also tailor the information, for example, to suit your business or industry.

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Leverage a Complete Cybersecurity Portfolio

To provide more context for the data collected and automate responses, you can combine BriteSky Indicate with other cybersecurity solutions, including:

  • BriteSky Surveil or another Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution to improve your ability to identify malicious and suspicious activities.
  • BriteSky Respond to automatically block discovered indicators of compromise (IOCs) at the network or host level.

Increase Insight to Protect Your Business

Learn more about BriteSky Indicate and how it increases visibility into the threat landscape.

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