Ensure Business Continuity in Any Situation

Your data is the lifeblood of your business. To keep it safe, your data infrastructure must be built to mitigate against data loss, whether it is caused by human error, malicious intent, or as a result of a natural disaster.

BriteSky’s business continuity service enables you to define unique, cloud-based data management processes that will ensure the security and continuity of your data in any emergency or disaster situation.

Create a Unique Virtual Data Vault

BriteSky’s business continuity service is enabled by the BriteSky Portable On-Demand Data Center (PODD) cloud architecture. This modular architecture allows you to create a dedicated virtual data vault that is customized specifically for your business. It provides the highest level of flexibility possible in a cloud environment. And it allows you to mix and match features and functions to build the ideal virtual data vault today and scale it easily as your data grows.

Trust a Completely Secure Environment

With the BriteSky PODD, your data is protected against human error, malicious intent, and natural disasters by the most secure enterprise cloud technologies.

The BriteSky PODD architecture leverages the most advanced cloud networking hardware and software, as well as the highest security standards and protocols available for cloud-based networking and computing. It is built with the same level of cloud-based security used by banks, governments, and major credit card companies around the world to create private cloud infrastructures.

In addition, the BriteSky PODD complies with SOC 2 requirements for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy for technology and cloud computing companies.

Leverage Advanced Features and Functions

With the highly engineered and secure BriteSky PODD, the complexity of creating an environment that ensures business continuity is a thing of the past.

The PODD architecture provides the superior tools you need to manage your data and keep it safe. You define the features and functions. We architect and deliver a virtual environment with all the vital components that will fit your business continuity objectives. As your data grows, we manage the hardware and software upgrades needed to ensure data compliance, device health, and ongoing data backup.

Define the custom, cloud-based data management processes that will ensure the security and continuity of your data with BriteSky’s business continuity service.

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