Get Cost-Effective, Customized Cloud Backup

The ever-increasing volume of business data your business generates each day must be backed up. Whether it’s for archival, regulatory compliance, or business process reasons, BriteSky’s off-site cloud backup service simplifies the data backup process. It eliminates the need to buy, build, and manage a backup infrastructure for your data. And it makes tape libraries, drives, backup software, off-site storage facilities, and separate networks obsolete.

Create a Dedicated Backup Environment

BriteSky’s off-site cloud backup service leverages the BriteSky Portable On-Demand Data Center (PODD) cloud architecture to create a dedicated virtual data vault that is customized specifically for your daily data backup requirements.

The modular PODD architecture that enables our cloud backup offering provides the highest level of flexibility possible in a cloud environment. It allows you to mix and match features and functions to build the ideal virtual data vault today and scale it easily, when needed, to meet your data storage, management, and sharing requirements tomorrow.

Reduce Backup Costs

With BriteSky’s proven PODD architecture, you’ll never have to buy or build a backup infrastructure again. There are no drives, software, off-site storage facilities, or separate networks to manage. This drastically reduces your IT capital expenditures and your ongoing data management costs.

To further reduce your ongoing backup costs, our off-site cloud backup service only charges you for the storage you use. So, you only pay for what you need. When your data volume grows, you can easily add more capacity as you need it.

Customize Your Cloud Backup Environment

Our enterprise cloud backup service is also vendor agnostic. As a result, you are not locked into any one solution or software platform.

All BriteSky cloud backup services also include an option layer that allows integration of any specific hardware or software you need to customize the cloud backup process to fit your unique business processes.

Simplify Your Move to Cloud Backup

With BriteSky off-site cloud backup, changing your backup strategy and processes is a seamless process. Our team of highly skilled, dedicated engineers have thousands of hours of real-world data center experience they can apply to get you up and running immediately — even physically seeding your initial backup. And our unique, proven enterprise cloud PODD architecture leverages best-of-breed technologies from multiple vendors to simplify the transition process.

Build a cost-effective BriteSky off-site cloud backup process for your business.

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