Move Up to Customized, Secure File Sharing

Success in today’s market rests on the ability to share business-critical information at the speed of light. With a BriteSky enterprise cloud solution, your IT infrastructure is no longer a bottleneck for missed market opportunities. Our BriteShare service enables secure file sharing that is easy to deploy, use, manage, monitor, and audit.

Control Data Sharing

BriteShare is built on the modular BriteSky Portable On-Demand Data Center (PODD) cloud architecture. This highly engineered architecture provides the highest level of flexibility possible in a cloud environment. It gives you complete control over the storage, management, and sharing of large volumes of active, passive, and unstructured data.

Enhance Productivity

BriteShare enables reliable, secure, on-demand sharing of business data between employees and with partners and suppliers — wherever they are.

To ensure BriteShare fits with your business processes, you can customize the service to your needs with a variety of sharing features, including:

  • SharePoint versioning
  • Syncing within a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment
  • Syncing of desktop and remote devices to selected mobile devices

Once configured, BriteShare enhances productivity, improves business agility, and increases mobility so that your employees can always stay one step ahead of the market.

Trust a Secure Sharing Environment

BriteShare provides the same flexibility and ease-of-use of public file sharing services but within the confines of a secure enterprise IT infrastructure built on BriteSky’s unique PODD architecture.

BriteSky PODDs leverage the most advanced cloud networking hardware and software, as well as the highest security standards and protocols available for cloud-based networking and computing. They are built with the same level of cloud-based security used by banks, governments, and major credit card companies around the world to create private cloud infrastructures.

Reduce IT Costs

BriteShare provides employees with a full-featured file sharing service they can rely on. This decreases the potential for rogue IT issues created by employees using public cloud services or creating independent internal servers that may be vulnerable to cyberattacks. It also significantly reduces the hours your IT team will spend tracking, managing, and auditing file sharing processes.

Get BriteShare secure file sharing for your business.

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